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As a Ship agent in Panama , this Preliminary information is required to register you with the Panama Canal Electronic Data Collection System in order arrange a timely transit movement.

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01) Suez Gross and Net

02) Passenger Capacity

03) ITC'69 Gross and Net

04) ITC'69 Beam

05) ITC'69 Length

06) ITC'69 Depth

07) Year built and builder

08) Hull type and number

09) Summer loaded draft and Timber Summer loaded draft

10) Summer loaded deadweight

11) Summer Loaded Displacement

12) number of propellers and if right or left rotation

13) Engine type and number of engines

14) Main engine HP

15) Tons per centimeters immersion

16) Ship's Inmarsat C number and e-mail

17) MMSI number

18) Crews safe manning quantity

19) Former vessel's name

20) Imo number

21) Call sign

22) Nationality

23) Sister ship if any

BB)   Scan email us copy of ITC'69 and panama Canal Tonnage Certificate including

      calculation sheets..

CC)    In order to determine vessel's maximum authorized Panama Canal  transit

        draft, please advise:

         A        Half breadth of vessel to outside of shell

         R        Radius of turn of bilge (feet + inches)

         DR      Dead rise at side of vessel (inches)

Provide vessel's authorized tropical fresh water draft as per loadline

Following information required by canal authorities at least 120hrs prior arrival Balboa.

A) Alpha-India message:

ALPHA        Panama Canal Ship's Identification number

BRAVO       arrival port and estimated date and time of arrival

CHARLIE    Estimated arrival draft  

                    Tropical fresh water fore and aft

                    Salt water                     fore and aft

DELTA        if any changes in vessels name country of

                registry, structure

ECHO      if vessel will dock at Balboa or Cristobal

             and also reason (cargo operations/bunkers)

FOXTROT  nature and tonnage of any deck cargo

GOLF      if vessel is carrying any explosives or dangerous cargo

HOTEL   if vessel carries any packaged dangerous cargo

INDIA   Quarantine and immigration info(most important items):

            country of origin of all meat/provisions for consumption on

             board  sanitation certificate port of issue and date of issue.

B) Security information

1) Ship security officer:

   Security officer: first/last name

   Security officer: license marine code

   Security officer: email/phone/fax number

2) International ship security certificate valid? (yes or no)

   Ship security certificate date of issue

   Ship security status

   Ship security number

   Ship security issuing organization or person

   Marsec level,  ship security certificate date of expiry

   Ship security certificate government

3) Security Company

   Company in charge of security

   Company Security officer full name

   Company Security country

   Company security officer e-mail address,

   Company security officer phone number,

   Company security officer fax number

4) Last ten ports of call

   Port name/departure date.

5) Next port of call after Panama Canal

6) If vessel's is equipped with AIS.

7) If vessel exceed or if do not exceed acp visibility.

8) Cargo name, weight in mtons.

    If vessel is tanker , please provide stowage plan , un number and flash point.

   If vessel is tanker and in ballast, please provide last cargo stowage plan, un number and flash point.

9) Copy of crew List.

10) Avian flu: please advise whether any reported birds (any type)

    have died on board.

11) Please advise whether any of the last ten ports of call are located

    in countries identified as having outbreaks of avian flu. Countries

    currently include Turkey, Romania, Russia, Colombia, China, Thailand,

   Taiwan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, and Laos.

12) Please advise whether passengers or crew on board are experiencing

   flu-like symptoms, and what has been the evolution of such condition.

Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP).

PCSOPEP requirements became effective Jan.1ST, 2005. All toll paying vessels

that transit the Panama Canal with a carrying capacity of oil as cargo

and/or fuel in excess of 400mt, must have their PCSOPEP documentation/plan submitted no

less than 96 hours prior to arrival Canal waters. Ship's owners is

responsible to submit PCSOPEP Plan to the Canal Authority 96 hrs prior vessel's arrival.

Failure to do so may cause vessel's detention and fine minimum USD 2,500.00.