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Vessels Spares | Husbandry

Ship Spares Delivery and Shipping, is one of our specialties service. We will collect your consignment, container and deliver to vessel at anchorage or berth. Outgoing spares and shipments will be collect and dispatch. Custom – Warehouse – Documentation – Logistic will be handle by our team.

Crew change, incoming crew will be pick up at airport, place at a Hotel or taken directly to

vessel at anchorage or berth. Outgoing crew will be landed to a launch at anchorage, taken to airport or Hotel for repatriation. Arrangement for Visas – Flights – Hotel accommodation – Launch service – Transportation

will be arranged by us.

Bunkering at Cristobal or Balboa anchorage coordination and nomination is handle by our

Bunkering department  Central de Combustible  HFO – MDO – MGO

Ship management, sales and purchase and cargo brokers by AQG shipping services.

All other requirements will be liaison through our network service companies and supervise

by Centenario & Co. S.A. as your focal point.

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